Mobility Scooter: How To Get More Value for Your Money?

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mobility scooterMuch like buying any vehicle, shopping for a mobility scooter necessitates that you give it a careful thought first before making any decision. Look deeper into your specific needs as well as what kind of scooter will best serve those needs without going overboard the allocated budget you have for it. 

Purchasing a brand new scooter for mobility has a lot of advantages to offer. Since there are no previous owners to it, it only makes sense that it is still in its most immaculate condition and not yet abused. Thus, you have a reasonable expectation that it should not have any issues yet anywhere in its first year or two years of use. However, cost issues will be set against this. 

Any car taken out of the shop will have a degraded market value. In the same way, the resale value of a mobility type of scooter will rapidly go down, whether or not the previous owner used it on a  daily or weekly basis. 

Buying Second-Hand Scooter for Mobility from a Shop

The common practice nowadays of many people who own a scooter is to trade their old, used unit for something new (brand new model with upgraded usability and functionality features). What does this signify to us then? Meaning, it is pretty common to come across refurbished or second-hand scooter models on sale in various mobility stores and shops.  

While the vast majority of them are likely to have been serviced first before being offered on sale, it is normal for shops and dealers to sell them to their clientele with a shorter warranty. 

So, this means to say that if the norm for a brand new model of scooter for mobility is a full year or 12 months of warranty on parts and services after the date of purchase, for second-hand units anticipate to receive a minimum of 1-3 months only. 

Buying a Second-Hand Unit from a Private Seller

If you are more interested in some bargain purchase, take some diligence in doing a bit of web research in various online selling platforms like eBay. Such online selling sites will offer you a plethora of choices on many different product offerings, but you need to know what you are looking for so you can narrow down your research. You can also refer to your local paper for this. 

If you will scour online selling platforms or even your local newspaper, there is a good chance that you will come across a bargain second-hand or refurbished mobility type of scooter. These items often sell for as little as £80 because they need to sell quickly enough.  

Should you happen to come across a private seller and you find the scooter item interesting enough, make sure that you are getting your money’s worth through the following points: 

Probe the Reason Why They are Selling the Scooter Now

Private sellers know for a fact that you will be asking them a number of probing questions as to the reason they want to sell their mobility scooter. Probe the item in question, determine if the seller gave the scooter regular maintenance or not. If so, then you should probe even more by asking or inquiring how they maintained the unit.  

Obtain the Original Documentation of the Scooter 

Some buyers who are too eager to have their hands on a scooter soon enough would skimp this aspect. They would fail to secure the original paperwork of the scooter, including the user or instruction manual.  

Check Out the Vehicle Number

Require your prospective seller to provide you with the vehicle number. If you want to delve even further into the item in question, you can use the vehicle number to verify from the manufacturing company’s end how old the scooter is. This way, you’d know if this would be corresponding to what your seller is claiming it to be. 

With the vehicle number on hand, you will also know if spare parts for that particular scooter unit would still be available or not.